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June 1st

~the lady named chomel~
~a true Gemini~
~seeking the meaning of life, in this wonderful world~
~just feel it!~

living the wonderful life

current happening

  • living and enjoying my life!
  • treasuring my friends, old and new
  • interest: new beginning, turning around, turning the leave ;p
  • songs...Michael Buble, Jason Mraz, John Legend, Kate Havnevik, Whitney Houston
  • song of the month: 'Everlasting Love' Jamie Cullum, 'A Love that will Last' Renee Olstead, 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' Michael Jackson, 'You Give Me Something' James Morrinson, 'Head Over Feet' Alanis Morrisette
  • books...Marian Keyes' series, looking for: and 'Merasakan Kehadiran Tuhan' by Dr. Yusuf Qardhawi
  • movies...fave recently watched: socialnetwork, the tourist, hantu kak limah balik kampung, planning to watch: Pirates of the Carribean the 4th installment, harry potter, transformer,

  • something about me...

    chomel's lurves
  • flower…rose
  • color…green and purple
  • books…fiction, chick-flick, self-improvement, political, practically any subject under the sun that can interest me
  • time of day…dawn
  • past time doing…reading, singing, communicate, writing, day-dreaming, twittering, bit facebooking, listening to music, surfing the net
  • stuff...cute things, soft throw pillow, nice duvet/comforter
  • tv... my no1 fave is GREY's ANATOMY, i'm a die-hard fan! seriously!, other includes globetrekker @travel&adventurechannel, csi @axn, theapprentice, friends, less than perfect @starworld
  • all time fave movies...bridget jones' diary, disney&pixar's movies (shark tale, monster's inc, finding nemo, etc), romantic comedy, kuch kuch hota hai, the negotiator, james bond's series with pierce brosnan
  • animal...cats
  • people...babies, sincere person, cheerful and talkative buddy

  • chomel's desire
  • to be successful in life and career... being inspired and inspiring others!
  • career...i want some dynamic career that give me space to be myself
  • entertainment...fiction novels, DVDs, movies
  • vacation...ehmmm... somehwere tranquil and peaceful
  • world...the elimination of all kinds of weapon that can harm human, and for all human not to over work. we are way too abandoning others in our life.
  • task@responsibility...organize an event, like engineering show. i love organizing event.
  • contribution...i want to inspire people to not afraid to be what they really want to be!
  • top-most dream...to live my life to the fullest! giving and receiving from people around me, especially those i love most, my family n my buddies

  • chomel's well known

  • my mood swings...
  • outspoken
  • witty
  • procrastinator (i have to get rid of this bad, bad habit... sooon)
  • good motivator
  • like to deal with new things
  • easily bored
  • knowing what i want in my life, and have the nerve to work for it, no matter what other people is saying

  • i'm feeling...

    happy and blessed... excited to achieve my own milestones

    chomel's to do

  • re-invent
  • develop myself to be calmer, and to be able to work under pressure with calm n collected manner (sound idealistic huh??)
  • to happily be me!

    been blogging since
    august 9th, 2004

  • this is the place to pour out my feelings...
  • this is the place i share my thots...
  • this is the place i let others know how wonderful life is :)

  • blogroll/following the page of:

    Mai (her daily life in japan)
    REM (the naked climatologist)
    Anilnetto (journalism from the heart)
    Nose4News (the truth is out there)
    The Onion (it's THE Onion, nuff said)

    chomel's entries

    coping with life
  • power = responsibility
  • the war has not yet started, but i'm fatigue out of planning it...
  • there's hope
  • bella luna (one of my all time fave... am so swooned...)
  • cerekarama 13th dec: sazly vs sabrina
  • such a beautiful mess... (my fave song, dedicated to myself ;) )
  • my.. oh my.. i'm stressing myself to chill out..
  • not yet... (appraisal, project plan.. all pending.. urgh)
  • selamat hari raya haji :)
  • alhamdullillah (counting my blessings)
  • i'm soooo excited... and damn nervous... again
  • buzzy.. buzzy week
  • pix at fb, MJ's This is it
  • brunei... here i am.. once again and am so damn nervous!
  • biz trip to bsb next week
  • shopping after raya...
  • have you ever accidentally drank someone else's drink at the movie? I DID!
  • ooh.. menceceh.. menceceh... menceceh...
  • Letting go… after hmmm about 2 years plus - my monologue
  • looking for 'pep me up'... i got the blues
  • the man i respect
  • just feel like singing... (my feel good songs)
  • one of my fave songs... curiga (ning baizura's earlier, (and more powerful, imyho) work)
  • something to share... (get more tazkirah and good article in www.hanan.com.my komuniti untuk muslimah sahaja ;) )
  • apa di atas? eheh what's up? (googling my own name!)
  • ku intai cinta...
  • you're my honeybunch! mwah
  • many birthdays happening!
  • labuan... some are coming back to me now...
  • Selamat Hari Raya :)
  • Ramadhan dah nak sampai ke penghujungnya...
  • yeay! got grey's season 4 dvd!
  • i had a good weeked, and ouh, a new motorola v9!
  • a good afternoon
  • Goooood morning people!
  • 'i'm yours... song of the month
  • 'subuh' yang baru...
  • eye on Malaysia.. n i'm on karak hi way at this moment
  • paintball... woohoooo!
  • what now??
  • another day
  • visits to the two orphanages last weekend
  • bengkeknyeer dengan maxis broadband!!
  • testing.. maxis broadband
  • i love my life
  • it's my birthday!
  • i miss him...
  • starting off a new project!
  • a tribute to those betrayed
  • liar...
  • how do i mend a broken heart?
  • here in temerloh
  • lost (the premier of lost's second season, my view..)
  • books (that i've read, and would love to read)
  • it's 2 am (nerves on MAERSK's IQ Test)
  • a bleak eid (a month's happening)
  • what's the colour of your room? (painting my room in lavender and baby blue-ish)
  • my lil couz now in egypt (all the best to eton for her study!)
  • macam-macam ada
  • my wishlist (things/stuff that i would LOVE to have/get for a present wink wink!)
  • i am writing the unwritten... but uh, where do i start?
  • meooooow... and oh, my ol' day in campus (list of my extra Q, what a buzzy bee!)
  • tenggelam dalam diri (still cooping with the depression)
  • mencari damai di Johor Bahru (membawa rajuk di hati)
  • i am a green eyed jealousy queen (sakitnya cemburu!)
  • my life is a BIG roller coaster ride (exit med checkup at Twin Tower Med ctr, and stay in crown plaza)
  • fnz '97 spice girls (reminiscing and, my first time puking on a bus ride!)
  • life is goooood... (getting out of unnecessary stress, coming back from scotland)
  • that's it... khalas (i quit slb, it's a tough decision, but i feel content)
  • i've made my decision. (when the physical started to protest)
  • my first job WOOHOOO (schedule for real first job)
  • ........... (numb)
  • 4 hours exam... aduuuh
  • nobody... not really (i feel so lonely)
  • some people just don't know what they are talking about (hate being judged without justified judgement!)
  • i don't feel good
  • i am sick
  • nak tengok gambar ke? (heavenly scotland mountainy n loch ness trip)
  • second day... sejuuuk... snow (loch ness, and first time grabbing the snow!)
  • woohooo! trip to braveheart county (my escape)
  • hangry, very am hangry (when hungry and angry strike at the same time!)
  • it's 1.15AM and i've just finish my log here in ofc.. aaaa (i worked, in the field, 13 and a half hour straight, not even a wee wee break!)
  • entahlah labuu... (screwed up!)
  • i'm so p**sed off! (the unexpected test)
  • egh pening
  • ler lawak (another eve in the ofc, n chicken tikka, the only protein source while i'm in scotland, indian's food)
  • siap satuuu (work from 8am to 8pm and NO LUNCH!)
  • baliklaaa (another eve @d ofc, and going to Morrison's for groc)
  • what's in store for us tomorrow??
  • lapaaaar
  • Easter Holiday... but man, i'm working my a** off (and first encounter of daylight saving, eheheh zuhur awal ek ari ni zaza?)
  • P E peeee... N A T nat! (physically and emotionally, but still am surviving)
  • YES!
  • Whalla
  • ---blank--- (fatigue from sawing STEEL!)
  • oh my...
  • not ABERDEEN dear, it's LIVINGSTON (my journey, wrong airport, first time ever step in a EUROPIAN country, and gotta dare myself to survive finding ways to the destination)
  • aaaaagh
  • Transit in Amsterdam... (my flight, KL-bangkok-amsterdam-aberdeen, listening to KRU's song via my laptop in amsterdam airport, chilling out on the plane)
  • Aberdeen! Here i come...
  • alhamdullillah... (passed the entrance exam, after releasing my stress in brunei, love spending time my lovey in tutong, n BSB, playing football, menyamal... ahaks)
  • here me again.... muahahaha (when the bullies went offshore!)
  • another freakin' day
  • wanna see me??? (in my slb blue overall)
  • what is exactly WHAT i want??? (confusion)
  • aaaaghhhhh (HAPPY NATIONAL DAY TO ALL BRUNEIAN!, and my new fav sport, basketball)
  • lunch nyum nyum... (Sabar Menanti, in Labuan)
  • confuse... ???
  • keroje keroje keroje
  • buzzy bee (and, tonite i am going to AF2 consert in Labuan)
  • Pre-employement Medical Examination and all! (and painting the coffeeshop)
  • Salam Aidilfitri~Eidul Fitr Mubarak (and slb interview in MIRI, first time ever board a plane, yippee! all by myself!)
  • phew! it was thrilling! (slb's phonecall interview, and about bazaar ramadhan)
  • here comes me... (TV3's MI vs TV1 Tilawah Al-Quran)
  • cobalah untuk setia (a great song sang by Kris Dayanti)
  • just another weekend (dreaming about the ol' flame)
  • harga sebuah kepercayaan (how far can we trust another person?)
  • things won't jump-started by themselves... (tending the side yard, and about forwarded email, should we trust 'em blindly?)
  • resetting the mindset... (continued) (mother's experience on Japanese & communist occupation)
  • resetting the mindset (loving, truly loving, the hectic life)
  • communicate! (the need to express)
  • monday morning... (multitasking... kuch kuch hota hai)
  • about saturday and about sunday... (coping with -'ve nagging mother, denise austin's aerobic VCD ruined, uhuks)
  • let's be in love (long distance relationship)
  • Brunei royal wedding.
  • wannabe (naive me hic)
  • i am so sad... (whom to turn to, when even your family would not want to understand and support you?)
  • it's a mundane day (a job-less life, sigh)
  • where am i heading to? (FIRST ENTRY!)

    through a gemini's eyes, by a gemini's thot
  • glancing through the past...
  • well hey...
  • Sure ways to forget your ex
  • living ur expectation or living ur reality?
  • lost (now i am lost.. and am losing myself)
  • 'Kian' pada pendengaran telinga, mata dan mata hati chomel (tafsiran lagu Kian pada chomel)
  • lesson of life... be strong! (pohon kekuatan dariNya, bukan dari manusia lain)
  • ekspresi malaysia (why more malaysian hooked up to blogs, portals, the net basically)
  • choose (we have the right to choose our life's direction!)
  • kisah bulu roma (be thankful, then you'll be happy)
  • less than perfect (life will be for ever less than perfect)
  • sigh (it's another merdeka meaningless fiesta)
  • jerubu lagi (oh oh, we're in trouble!)
  • hah! backfired! (kudos to Mawi for winning the AF's title)
  • apa erti merdeka
  • haprak (you bad, greedy, capitalist!)
  • we are one (Dr Spencer Well's A Man Journey)
  • bullies (the reason behind my depression)
  • TO DO (power to choose, being wise in balancing)
  • Pre-employement Medical Examination and all! (you'll be crazy if seeking for everyone's approval, yet Allah's standard is the best approval guideline that we can happily lived on!) when things get in between... (things vs human)
  • you won't get everything you want in life (He's will always be there)
  • resetting the mindset... (continued) (living with needs not wants, another point to ponder about zapping stress)
  • monday morning... (about one race Malaysia, oh dear, we should be thankful of who we are, Allah already created us perfectly human, with multiple race, be urself, and accept other people, live in harmony, susah sangat ke?)

    creative xpressions
  • malam dan siang
  • it's okay
  • khianat cinta
  • pantun hati (i) (kata-kata rindu)
  • aku seorang perempuan (a poem, of a damsel in distress)
  • Dunia Tipu-tipu (short story on the reality tv's hype)
  • siapa (tribute to the man whom always be by my side)
  • communicate! (a poem titled gelap)
  • today
  • kasihmu
  • flowers in the storm...

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  • Sunday, February 19, 2006
    pantun hati (i)

     hai kanda di mana berada?
    rindu dinda tidak terperi,

    oh kanda tetap ku cinta,
    cinta dinda melangkau mati...




    Posted at 02:01 am by chomel


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